In case you are planning on staying in Nigeria whether as tourist or simply on a business tour from your country, this means that you will have to take into consideration Nigerian visa standards.   For quite a while now, applications for visas have been conducted via an internet based platform to the Nigerian embassy.   On the likelihood that you have an arrangement of coming to experience the best places on this sub-Saharan region, it is to say that you will first be required to get an invitation.   It is not very evident regarding whether invites can be gotten through whichever travel business you happen to be using. 


You cannot travel to Nigeria until you have already been vaccinated against Yellow Fever.   You ought to have been inoculated not less than three months prior to the moment of touring.      The moment you apply for your Nigerian visa, you need to be in a position to show that you have sufficient money for sustenance of yourself for the duration of your stay, current proofs of your itinerary flights.   On the likelihood that you intend to live in a hotel, you will be required to give the exact details regarding this.  


There is surely still tremendous possibilities for corporate interest in Nigeria, despite the fact that you require to completely do a check on the qualifications of any individual welcoming you to Nigeria on a business trip.   You will be required to give a copy of your welcome letter together with your Nigeria business visa application specifying the purpose for your visit.   All the visa application entries require the backup of a present passport, and this ought to have no less than six months remaining before its expiry date together with a passport sized photo. Know how much is international passport in Nigeria here!.


Religious fighting is still a cause for worry in some regions of Nigeria and conflicts can break out involving Christians and Muslims.   Christian religious tourists will require a letter through the Nigerian church.   Foreign national councils of both Islam and Christianity need a welcome from a religious association and furthermore an agreement from the internal affairs ministry.   These need to be submitted with all the essential paperwork for a Nigerian visa application. Learn more about Nigeria at



If you intend to tour Nigeria regarding educational matters, this implies that you will be required to acquire a letter of invitation from the host institution.   This is whether you are a college lecturer or a university dean.   This letter needs to be detailing the purpose behind your tour and will require being attached with the additional documentation essential for Nigerian visas.   A learner touring Nigeria ought to present a copy of their learner I.D cards also. Apply for Nigerian visa application here!